Handle the Simple Viruses on the Flash Disk

Sometimes, you will sick and tired of losing important data. How impossible? We have the important documents for our business, and it’s the only one file. While, we lose it. It will make our business is broken down.

Students, either Students University or another have the important file or documents. It can be The End of Task, or other important documents. How if all the tasks above lose? While we have made the task along week by week even month by month. In other side, we have no anti virus, and the time is short to scan our computer or flash disk.

Now, I will give you some trick how to restore the lose document in the flash disk. Document here is MS Word.

The virus maker made this virus by VB. The modus is like this:

We have the document file with extension “.doc” (document file). The virus has ability to spread its self to other device especially removable disk like flash disk, diskette and another something like that. After the virus place the removable disk, it will search the document with extension “.doc”. Then, after getting document, the document or file be hidden by supper hidden. We can’t see it due to not appear. Although we see our document name, actually it’s not our truly document file. It’s just a subnet. Besides that, the icon is not like Micosoft Office Word Icon but like Execution Icon. The file name is same with you have. If you click this icon, the virus will spread automatically to your computer and do action same as I told you before. Your computer can be able to be at risk if you click it.

Ups, I forget. The virus also will search the folder. The icon and the file name are same with you have. How to differ it? You should do this first:

Show the Folder and Files as Detiles
Show the Folder and Files as Details

Then, click “details”. So you will see the appearance like this:

Appearance of Files and Folder as Details on Explorer
Appearance of Files and Folder as Details on Explorer

Look at “Type”. The normal folder the Type will be File Folder. If the Type of folder is Application, and doesn’t appear on the left windows, so it means that it’s virus. Don’t open it! It will spread on you computer! If you want to click other folder, click the folder on the left window that has tree, where it can be expand by clicking on the plus (+) sign if the folder has some tree folder..

That’s all for the explanation for the virus generally.

Here is the way to handle it.

1. Click Start–> Run Run appearance

2. Type CMD

It will seems like:

Command Prompt

3. Type “Drive:” (without “”). For example: Your Flashdisk on the explorer known as F: So, Type F: then press Enter. It will appear F:\>


4. F:\>attrib -s -h *.* /s /d press enter. Attrib the file via command prompt.

5. Wait a minute, while the system is showing your hidden truly file and folder.

6. After showing like F:/> again, then go to explorer.

7. Show the file and folder as details.

8. Delete all files and folders with “Type” Application by pressing the Shift + Delete button directly.

9. Your files and folder have back well without any corruption.


Pressing “Shift + Delete” button directly will cause your object will permanently remove. Don’t try it on your important data…!!

That’s all for my trick. I hope it useful for us. Have a nice practice…!! I beg your critic..

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